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    Aug 2005

    Cool 1997 GTX making loud noise

    I posted to this forum last fall about an acceleration problem on one of my '97 GTX's and thanks to John Kubiak and Bill O'Neal, now that it's spring in Utah I've set the high speed screw turned all the way in, and the low speed screw at one full turn just like the tech manual says and just like you guys told me to, and took the boats to lake Powell this last week-end. PROBLEM SOLVED! The boat runs great! and so thank you very much!
    I do have another question for anyone out there who may be able to help. I have two '97 GTX both with about 150 hours on them. They both have a very clunky noise to them when idling, and sounds as though it's coming from the drive system somewhere. The noise goes away when the boats power up and they run fine now, but they do make an awfull noise when idling. One of the boats is a bit noisier than the other, but same type of noise. The local guy that has worked on the boats in the past mentioned something about the teeth on the drive shaft being worn, but not to worry about it. I would like to know if it's normal, or if it should be fixed, and about what it might cost.

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: 1997 GTX making loud noise

    Thank you for posting back with the resolution, I know they appreciate it!

    For your new problem, please post on www.pwctoday, we have transitioned the SBT Forum to SBT product support only.
    SBT Tech Support is here to help with your problems.
    We try to answer each question quickly and accurately.
    Please do not use Private Messaging for Tech Support, use the forums.

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    Aug 2001
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Default Re: 1997 GTX making loud noise

    Try raising the idle (in water) by 200-300 RPM
    John Kubiak
    Powersports Technical Training Professional
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    Jun 2006
    Stockton, CA

    Lightbulb Re: 1997 GTX making loud noise

    I have a '97 SPX but the problem may be the same. What I found was that the drive shaft had displaced itself during low thrust load and hard cornering. The rear-most thrust bearing (it is flat, radial roller bearings in a stamped steel case) was displaced and the inside edge of the bearing got pinched between the edge of the impeller shaft and the bearing race which is a flat machined surface in the impeller shaft support cone. It made horrible "growling" noises at idle that went away as soon as rpms came up. I thought that something in the engine compartment was contacting the hull. Anyway, bought a new impeller shaft thrust bearing (as I said, the old one was crimped) and when I installed it I added my own "preload" spring to keep the bearing up against the impeller shaft when doing a flat 360 maneuver. Problem solved! You'll see what I mean if you take the impeller shaft support off - what a wimpy oem preload spring! Remember to refill the bearing cone with gear oil after reassembly. Hope this helps!

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