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    Jun 2006

    Default 98 Yamaha XL1200 Flush Kit Use / Can Fill Engine With Water

    Dumb Luck.
    Boat Sat For Winter. Changed Plugs / Adjusted Cables & Other Owners Manual Recommended Service. Had Flush Kit. Hooked Up Flush Kit & Ran Water For A Minute Or So Before Cranking. Cranked Ski. Ran Ruff At First Then Straightened Out And Ran Good. Left Flush Kit Hooked Up With Water Running For Maybe 5+ Minutes. Well Learned A Hard Lesson. This Filled Up The Exhaust Before Filling The Engine Up With Water. Failure To Start. Just Made A Bump Noise Only. Removed Plugs & Hit The Starter. Face Bath. So Nice After Sweating At The Boat Ramp. lol. Just Passing Along This Information That May Help Someone Avoid This In The Future.

    Engine Full Of Water. Cylinder Head Removed. Advised To Turn Engine Over & Let Crank Push Water Out Of Crank Case. Extensive Amount Of Time Spent Turning The Engine Over To Remove The Water. Yamaha Tech Advised To Keep Cylinders Oiled With Yamaha Fogging Oil. I Have Done This For Hours And Can Still See Evidence Of Small Very Fine Water Drops On Cylinder Walls. The Fogging Oil That Collects Near The Piston Walls On Top Of The Pistons Has A Brown Milky Appearance. I Do Not Like Seeing Any Evidence Of Water. The Tech Advised Engine Should Be Ok. Tech Advised He Had Spent Half A Day Getting Water From A PW Engine This Way. I Have Done This To The Point Of Re-Charging A Brand New Battery Twice. I Am Ready To Put The Top Cylinder Back Together. Any Suggestions. Should I Dry Out Longer, Etc. I Also Have A New Cylinder Head #1 Gasket To Install. Does The End Tab Go Toward The Rear Of The Engine Or Towards The Front Pump Housing?
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