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    Jun 2006
    Citrus Heights

    Default Loctite changed #'s can I substitute????

    I just took the last page of your Engine Removal/Installation for the 700 engine with me to the local NAPA store to get all the sealers/lubricants for installing my SBT engine that hopefully will be here this week. Seems Loctite no longer has #2 Gasket maker. Parts man said Permatex #2 form a gasket seleant is "probably" the same, is he correct??? Also, Loctite Copper Gasket adhesive "might" now be called RTV 5920 copper high performance silicone. Should I use that in place of Loctite copper Gasket adhesive?


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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: Loctite changed #'s can I substitute????

    Correct on #2, not on the copper (Permatex and Loctite are the same company). RTV is not gasket treatment. Copper gasket treatment is in an aerosol can - tell him it's the spray copper treatment for head gaskets, he might know it by that description.
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    Jun 2006
    Citrus Heights

    Default Re: Loctite changed #'s can I substitute????

    Thanks for the quick reply!

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