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    Jun 2006

    Default 99 SLX 1050 issues.

    Ok heres the deal guys. i used the search and i found out alot about my machine but im not sure if it's going to answer my issues. My issue is when i throttle the beast, she bogs bigtime and sometimes she will clean out and run pretty good. Im going to adjust the idle, check the plugs, check compression, check battery and what are some other things i can do. i think maybe the fuel system is messed up in some way. anyone have any advice on what i can do here. i know alot about the problem, like the way it acts but i dont know what i should do about fixing it and im not too keen on sending it to a shop because they way over charge. ill only send it if i MUST. so please. help me out here!:beer
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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: 99 SLX 1050 issues.

    The SBT Forums are for SBT Product Support ONLY. For all general PWC support/discussion, please post on

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