I am fortunate enough to live in the Clearwater / Tampa Bay area so I was able to visit SBT and pick up my Yamaha 1200 (non-PV) motor. If you think their products are great, you should check out their sales and service. I am a VP in Marketing and I can honestly say I feel like sending some of my employees over to SBT to see how customer service should be delivered. From my phone calls to Erica and my face to face with Steven, their attention to detail and time they were willing to spend with me was probably the best customer service I have received at ANY retail operation. Steven probably spent 30 minutes with me, explaining all the do's and don'ts with the installation of the new motor, plus he offering a full range of accessories such as the gasket kits, thread lock, spark plugs and more. While some dealers try to shove this stuff down your throat, Steven was not pushy and offered suggestions like "you may not need to replace these gaskets, but you won't know until you start the put everything back together, and having one torn gasket will stop you in your tracks", or asking "do you plan on using red or blue threadlock? We recommend using blue and it already is included in our gasket kit". I never felt like they were trying to sell me something I did not need, they were trying to make sure I had everything I needed to get back onto the water as quick as possible.

I was able to tour their facility as well. What an awesome operation. Henry Ford probably could have learned a thing or two form the assembly line operation at SBT. No wasted motion, very clean, everybody seemed to know everyone else, the kind of place I want to spend my money at, and with the Premium Package and 2 year warranty - I probably won't have to spend any more money anytime soon.

Overall, if you are hesitant to buy a motor from SBT - don't be. This is not some fly by night operation, they are going to be around for a long time, and with their entry into 4 strokes and outdrives, I'd feel comfortable buying again from them whether I lived 10 miles away or around the world.

Thanks SBT and specifically Steven for taking the time to deliver on the promise, I left there with more than just a re-built motor!

Scott Erhardt