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    Jun 2006
    Ramsey, Minnesota

    Default Polaris Remanufactured Engine

    I have just purchased today (through my local Polaris dealer) a remanufactured 1200cc Polaris motor for my 2001 Sun N' Sea Rio boat from SBT. Is a shop manual available for this motor through SBT and if so, could you please email me the ordering information ? I can supply you the dealers name by email if you' like.

    The original motor somehow ingested a screw from the carburetor last weekend, causing the engine to burn up one piston.

    An engine re-build was the next solution. The engine re-build costs started to add up as the dealer was going through the engine. I found your website and asked the dealer about a rebuilt engine (possibly one from SBT?). As it turns out the dealer I am working with does order remanufactured engines from your company and made the recommendation, in my case, to buy a rebuilt engine from SBT. I took their advice and had them order a premium engine from SBT.

    I don't mean to make this posting sound like a testimonial, but your company does offer affordable solutions as to what could be a very expensive local remedy. Readers, please take note, as viable engine repairs and solutions are available for PWC, including jet boats, versus spending large amounts of cash on shop labor and parts costs. You just have to ask the question. Thanks SBT. :emoticont

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: Polaris Remanufactured Engine

    Sorry, that manual is dealer-only. We hope you'll enjoy your engine!
    SBT Tech Support is here to help with your problems.
    We try to answer each question quickly and accurately.
    Please do not use Private Messaging for Tech Support, use the forums.

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