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    Jul 2006
    Bath, Ontario, Canada

    Default 717 Rotary valve timing - Procedure discrepancy

    I am some what confused as to what is the proper procedure for timing the rotary valve. When I use your procedure of setting to 130 degrees from reference point (port just opening) and Seadoos procedure where they say to set it between two points at 130 degrees and 65 degrees (port just closing) I end up with approximately a 5 degree difference.

    Which is the most correct procedure?

    Also the 717 ports have a stepped inlet which leads to some confusion as to where the opening reference point should be. I have used the first step which is where air would just start to enter the port.

    Your advice would be greatly appreciated.


    Dave Fasken

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: 717 Rotary valve timing - Procedure discrepancy

    The outer edge is where you time from.

    You mis-read. It's timed to 147. The other point, 65. is simply from the other edge - it's the same thing.
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    Jul 2006
    Bath, Ontario, Canada

    Default Re: 717 Rotary valve timing - Procedure discrepancy

    Thanks very much for the prompt response and for correcting me on the setting to 147 degrees. The manual for the Seadoo Sportster goes into great detail on how to set the valve to 130 degrees and in small print makes reference to 147 degrees for the 717 motor.

    Thanks again

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