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    Jul 2006

    Default 2005 RXP needs help after water in the engine.

    Here is what happened, Jet got water in the engine through the water hose because it was on for 20 min. but engine was never started.
    I removed the spark plugs and took the water out, after several times cranking the engine started . Changed the oil once, started the engine but oil is still white. Probably after changing the oil 3 or more times won't be white anymore.
    Here is my dilema, i have a fully charged battery and the starter was working too slow and sometimes couldn't even turn the engine. All times that the starter turned the engine properly the engine started but now it does not turn the engine anymore, i just hear a click when i push the button and nothing else happens, just the click and that is it.
    During all the afternoon trying to fix the jet, there was a battery charger connected to the battery. The fact that i had a battery charger all the time could have overheated the started and now it does not work or can be a relay or fuse problem ?
    Thanks a lot, any comment will be truly appreciated.

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: 2005 RXP needs help after water in the engine.

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