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    Jul 2006

    Default Dies in the water --- 587 seadoo engine swap

    The engine blew in my 92 GTX, (white 587) and I replaced it with an earlier yellow 587.

    The motor runs like a top out of the water but on our "maiden voyage" she dies immediately when put in the water. Apparently I have some type of back pressure in the exhaust sytem. This yellow 587 motor has a different circulation pattern than the white engine and also has an additional coolant chamber in the crankcase/cylinder area. I did the best to consolidate the plumbing in the engine swap however, something must be screwed up.

    I bench tested the engine with a coolant "inlet" coming into the block and also to the forward top end of the exhaust header, (water injection inlet?). The exhaust/hull elbow is fed by the return at the cylinder head as well as the crankcase drain hose. The engine and exhaust ran nice and cool and air /water bleeders purged correctly from the top of the manifolds. I must be missing some type of vent that is causing exhaust back pressure?

    I appreciate anyones help and suggestions.

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: Dies in the water --- 587 seadoo engine swap

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