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    Sep 2006

    Default Question about break-in oil, oil pump for twin engine.


    I have a '98 Speedster (twin 787's) and I want to know more about the break-in oil that I purchased with my engine.

    I'm only replacing one of the motors because the other one works perfectly all the time and I'd hate to mess with it.

    The motors share the fuel and oil tanks. Is it OK to run the break-in oil through both motors? What is special about the break-in oil? I usually use the SeaDoo XPS II stuff.

    I decided to replace the oil pump on the new motor since the old one didn't look too good. According to the tech support article I should still mix the fuel 50:1 with break-in oil for the first 10 gallons right?

    Also, I know that I should break in the motor with the boat in the water. Can I start it in my driveway first?

    Thanks for your time,

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: Question about break-in oil, oil pump for twin engine.

    Yes you can start it on the hose, but that will not constitute any part of break-in.

    Yes 50:1 pre-mix for the first 10 gallons, with the oil pump.

    The break-in oil is just a little extra insurance of a good break-in. It has extra detergents to carry away particulates. It's not necessary but a nice bonus. Yes you can run it through your other engine as well, it doesn't hurt anything.
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