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    Sep 2006

    Default 717 water flow/pressure for cooling

    Trying to revive a 1998 GTi Seadoo. The unit runs great - little effort was required.

    I can maintain adequate cooling using the backflush port (I can see water attempting to flow from the pisser by looking at the hose inside motor compartment, but not enough pressure to ever get flow out and water is certainly leaving the exhaust port). Went to take a water test drive, NO water ever came through pisser and the motor was very HOT to the touch after a brief idle.

    I know the intake water hose is clear from venturi to the top of motor (confirmed by back flush through hose). I know I have good flow through the engine using the "official" factory backflush point and removing the hose on the top front of the engine supplying the tuned pipe. What I don't know is how the water is pressurized through the engine under normal run conditions and how to diagnose issues - from top intake hose to the discharge of the top?? How is water pressure developed?? HELP... :emoticonb

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: 717 water flow/pressure for cooling

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