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    Oct 2005
    Orlando, FL

    Default Prolonged idling ok?

    Hi, my 96 GSX has a SBT motor that is fully broken in and runs great.:emoticont I was talking to someone who uses their jetski to drag a snorkeller around in the bay looking for lobsters. I like this idea but realize the ski will spend a lot of time at idle speed and wonder if the engine will load up on me. I tried idling across my lake to test it and it seemed to have no problem at all, but might be a different case pulling a load(?) Any thoughts? I am running the original oil injection with SeaDoo synthetic oil.

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: Prolonged idling ok?

    Mechanically there is no issue whatsoever. You may need to fine tune your carbs, if after a prolonged period they load up a little, which is common.
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