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    Feb 2007

    Default 99 Seadoo Xp Ltd Oil Injection Blockoff

    I recieved my oil injection blockoff kit and I am ready to install. Once I remove the oil pump on the flywheel cover and blanked off the hole with the diamond shaped piece where do the two caps go and is the oil pump discarded for good? Do the caps go on the two ports on the underside of the intake manifold? Does the blankoff plate need some gasket or sealant behind it? Now that the oil injection is blanked off can the main oil tank be removed or does it need to stay in order to lubricate other parts?

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: 99 Seadoo Xp Ltd Oil Injection Blockoff

    Make sure you removed the plastic drive adaptor inside the cover between the oilpump and flywheel nut.

    Use any gasket maker on the plateyou wish.

    The caps go on the intake fittings where the oil lines attached.

    You can remove the oil tank but there is no reason to do so.
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