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    Jan 2005

    Default 2002 Polaris Viragei starter relay problem

    While riding my 2002 Polaris Viraei, my starter relay apparently failed in the "on" position, causing the starter to operate continuously when I removed the lanyard. When the lanyard was put back on, the engine would run and I do not recall hearing any starter noise when running.

    Shortly after, the instrument panel went blank and the motor stopped.

    Back at the garage, I confirmed that the starter solenoid had failed in the start position, and the battery was completely drained.

    I recharged the battery, replaced the starter relay, and the instrument panel looks fine and the starter turns over, but there is a banging noise (from the starter area?), the jet ski does not start, and the motor almost seems to be jamming.

    I then removed the spark plugs, and the motor rolled over quite freely on the starter.

    I then pulled the front flywheel cover, and found all sorts of what looks like "steel wool", made of fine copper wire, and smells burnt. And some small black plastic pieces, hard, perhaps 1/4" in diameter.

    Looking at the starter bendix using a light and a mirror, the teeth are all there and it looks undamaged, but have not removed yet. I have also not yet removed the flywheel

    I have taken out the two starter bolts at the back of the starter, but it is still not out, and is very hard to access under the exhaust. Not sure it can be removed from the area even if it would budge. I then removed the four exhaust manifold bolts at the top of the riser, and the two exhaust mounting bolts at the bottom, but it does not move.

    What should I do next? Has anybody seen this problem before? Thanks, Mark
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