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    Sep 2004
    Cleveland OH

    Thumbs down 98 1100 zxi with blown #1 Piston

    I have a '98' 1100zxi that will not run. Took it to my local dealer found out its a blown #1 piston. They told me that right now its about $650 - $800 for the piston replacement, plus extra if they find more damage. They gave me an estimate up to $2500.00. My wife will not let me put any more money into the ski right now. What is it worth if i sell it 'as it' with trailer. They also said it would be cheaper to put in a used engine form SBT.

    PS anyone in Cleveland that does engine work on Kawasaki's?


    Cleveland Ohio

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: 98 1100 zxi with blown #1 Piston

    Our engines are not used, they are in new condition, remanufactured.

    It's worth about a grand.
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