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    Mar 2003

    Default Honda Code Reset

    If you have forgotten your code or bought a ski from someone without the code, here is how to reset it.

    1. Remove the storage box.
    2. Disconnect the combination meter 8P gray connector.
    3. With the MODE and SET buttons pushed, fit the safety lanyard clip to the base of the engine stop switch and hold the MODE and SET buttons for at least 5 seconds. The ID No. mark and the first digit of the ID number come on and start blinking and the warning buzzer beeps.
    4. Push the ID No. button until 9 is displayed.
    5. Push the ID SET button. The second digit starts blinking.
    6. Push the ID No. button until 9 is displayed.
    7. Push the ID SET button. The third digit starts blinking.
    8. Push the ID No. button until 9 is displayed.
    9. Push the ID SET button. The combination meter shuts off.
    10. Pull the lanyard off. Reconnect the harness terminal and install storage bin. Reconnect the lanyard. The system is now unlocked.
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