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Thread: SBT wear ring

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    Jul 2006

    Default SBT wear ring

    I just purchased a new SBT wear ring for a 98 GTI and was wondering why your ring is a harder material than the stock ring? The stock ring has a soft seal lip on the intake side that seals to the hull, how does the SBT ring seal between the hull and the pump housing with it being so hard? Will it last longer? My shop manual does not mention applying a loctite product between the ring and the pump housing, as your technical article section says, in fact it says to use bombardier lube to aid the assembly. What should I use? I also do not see a groove to cut the old ring out without cutting into the pump housing. My shop manual does not mention a retaining bolt should ther be one?

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    Mar 2003

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    Wear rings do not seal - you either have an o-ring or you use a bead of silicone to seal. Our wear rings are made from Delrin, modeled after the new parts for the 4TEC motors - they offer greater life and performance than the older design.
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