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    Jun 2007

    Question jet pump humming. Bad Bearings?

    Hey guys.
    Last year I purchased a used 2001 GTX DI with the 951 in it. Mid season I decided to have the the jet pump oil changed so I took it to my local seadoo dealer and they said that water had gotten into the pump cone and the pump needed to be rebuilt. So I had them rebuild it and I took it down to the lake for a test run. It ran fine for about 20 minutes then the pump started to make a loud humming sound especially while ideling and at low speeds. The ski seemed to handle fine and I did not notice any loss of performance whatsoever. I ran it for the rest of the day and the humming seemed to come and go. I took it back to seadoo and they "SAID" the looked at it and couldnt find anything wrong and they couldnt hear the noise. One of my buddies thinks that they may have installed the bearings in backwards. So I took the ski out a week later and the hum would still come and go. So my question is are these jet pumps supposed to sound like this? Or is there something wrong. Im seriously thinking of purchasing a pump rebuild kit from SBT and just rebuilding the whole thing myself. Im heading down to Lake Powell for a week and dont want this thing to go out on me. Thanks for the help.
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