I have a 92 XP Sea-doo that started having problems last year after getting some sand and rocks sucked into it. Since the cooling system seems to be fine with no blockage and flows freely when the flush kit is installed, I started to think the engine issue was just coincidental. I rebuilt the carburetors and fuel pump this weekend as I knew they needed it anyway and figured they may be the problem and found that one of the small oil lines on the bottom of the rotary cover had a small hole in it. It is the tiny tube at the rear of the machine, not the main oil tub coming from the oil tank. I don't know the purpose of these tubes, but assume they feed oil to each cylinder. When I touched and moved the hose slight, it broke into two pieces. The problem I have been having with the machine is that it runs just fine for 3 minutes or so and then dies and won't start again. If you let it sit for a few minutes, then it runs fine again for a few minutes and dies again. Now, I am now thinking that this hose was broke and the cylinder was not getting enough oil so the temperature sensor shut down the engine when the cylinder got hot. Is this a possible scenario for the problem? I don't know how the sensors work or if they would shut down the engine when the cylinder is overheating or just reduce the RPMS. Either way I am buying new oil hoses and an intake manifold gasket and bleeding the oil pump tomorrow morning. I just wanted to know if this oil line is more than likely the problem with the machine based on the stalling? I was told it was probably a CDI unit from the sea-doo shop. I don't see a CDI unit in the manual. There is a used stator on an auction site that is fairly cheap for my machine in good condition. I am assuming that this took the place of the CDI unit. However, I hate to purchase it if this oil hose issue will more than likely fix my machine. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.