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    Sep 2006
    exeter, pa

    Default Removing Starter from 1998 TS770

    I have a 1998 Tigershark TS770, I believe the starter is bad. I traced power down to the starter when the start button is pressed. So I have disconnected the battery cable from the starter, removed both cap screws and ground cable. The starter is loose, however it will not come out. I read the DA__ book and I dideverything it said. Am I missing something? Is there some trick ? Pull up an inch twist to the left, and click my heels twice?? WHAAT ?? My biggest concern is it may be hung since the starter does not turn at all, the engine turns so the engine isn't frozen, but that starter will just not come out. Thanks for the help, Joeywang!!!!

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    Sep 2006
    exeter, pa

    Default Re: Removing Starter from 1998 TS770

    Well I got it out. I used an old 1/2 drive extension and tapped on that from the front of the jetski with a smaller hammer. It took a couple of hits but it did come out. After getting it out and testing it, it appears the problem was the starter being hung up on something. When I put the starter back in and attempted to pull it out, it came right out. So I think my issue was the starter being hung. The ski now starts right up. Thanks, evrybody who read this I hope I helped somebody else out there. Joeywang:)

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