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    Jun 2007

    Default Re: PLEASE HELP!! bad experience with NEW sbt 657

    Ok lets get the what if maybe's and could be out of the way. I also have worked on motorcross bikes quad atv's motorcycles and atv's of most types for years since the days of the old threewheelers. So I too have a fair comptence in engine repair. Fuel line NOPE I replaced all the old fuel lines whith low pressure hose from autozone. Checked all filters to the carbs and took the cock valve apart and cleaned EVERYTHING. OIL NO I know when you mix certain types of oil they will coagulate or gel so no PLUS I went premix it has nothing to do with it . I too have read all the post about the line failure. OK now running lean NOPE I checked the plugs and they were actualy running pretty rich but to my understanding will not hurt the engine as for the extra fuel and oil but will foul the heck out of the plugs. OK NOW for the repetitive problem the cooling lines. On a 1994 GTX seadoo cooling line placement is pretty straight foward too. On top of the engine there are two totally different size orfices one big and one small. YOU could not possibly swap those unless you were stupid and really forced it. So let me explain all hose placement. Maybe I am wrong BUT if I am wrong it will be because of and their diagram and the recomendation of sbt for insisting I use it. OK I uploaded a very crude drawing of the line placement but I am positive you can follow it. I blew out all the lines with high pressure my tank is set on 120 pounds pressure so I am sure they are free plus I took a hose and blew through with my breath to be sure no dirt dober or spider made a nest or something like that. We rebuilt the jet pump with sbt jetpump kit which failed and most likely the colprit of engine failure. We did not notice this till just recently. We had no idea since there was no tension or friction on the shaft when we turned it. After inspecting the screwed bearings which would explain the high pitch whine from start up. I took it to two different dealers and explained installation procedure. To both of there opinions it was a bad bearing. I will also explain this in detail. TO SBT I am sorry the blame on the engine but your rude and unacceptable customer service is still not forgiven. If you look on sbt seals they only have one lip that seals on the impeller shaft on oem seals they have two. Now I use a press so lets get that straight no banging on the bearings I learned that years ago. There are two needle roller bearings in the center of the jetpump. The impeller shaft and the thrust washer and thrust bearing . after removal of old parts we installed the two roller bearings numbers facing toward rear both flush with housing next placement of seal fit flush with housing we put the thust bearing on the shaft then thrust washer put the shaft through torqued the empeller filled half way with seadoo oil then put the cone on with a all new o ring we then filled the rest of the way with oil put loctite on plug and installed the pump. Yes we checked to make sure the the impeller spun fine NO FRICTION. YES we checked the pressure all was fine. What most likely happen was a pinched needle bearing which failed and caused a chain reaction which caused the heat then the seal to fail. To you all, It is a whole lot better to get oem parts from your dealer for bearings or items which is not warranted by sbt the cost sbt $50 plus shipping jet pump rebuild kit will they replace HELL NO dealer oem bearings plus seals $65 and local in stock. Will they replace they said no problem if you ever have a problem with any of our seals or bearings just bring them back your fault or not we will replace under reason. To my understanding all dealers are the same on returns of seadoo product also with honda but you should check either way oem will definetly be a hell of a lot better than sbt after market stuff. remember that seal the olnly thing standing between your pump and the water. sbt has only one lip oem has two and are twice as thick . SBT will not warranty or replace nothing but their motors YOU will have a hard time and a long wait on that. I am not really getting down on sbt I am just telling my experience you all do what you want REALLY if you have the money to throw at it and you don't mind the work and an interuped and painful summer of riding. All the hastle of dealing with warranty and technical its your fault no its your fault think about it instead of replacing a $50 set of jetpump bearings my fault or not and risk me telling 10 of my friends and detouring their potential business sbt assocciates were extremly rude and completly refused to accomidate me on anything just imagine what they will do on a high dollar item????????????? Check for yourself they will tell you once you get it in your hands and is placed on your ski its yours faulty or not.
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    Jun 2007

    Default Re: PLEASE HELP!! bad experience with NEW sbt 657


    It is unfortunate that I have to intervene, but these posts are getting out of control. I have personally heard many of the conversations between Joey and my staff and the staff has done their best to sit through his constant and repeated calls.

    • Joey blamed our product quality for the engine seizing. After numerous posts on how bad our engines were and what he deserved for it, he discovered that there may have been an issue with the rebuild of the jet pump. Even though he heard high pitch whining coming from the drivetrain, he continued to run it for two tanks (his comments to our tech line) "until the engine seized." He then demanded we replace the bearings as well as the engine that was possibly ruined by the failed jet pump.
    • If it was indeed a bearing issue and the failure was immediate, then we would have discussed how we would handle the issue as we stand by the fit and initial use of our parts. We warrant our parts specifically like this because we do not control the assembly or condition of the mating parts and there is large variability. Instead Joey chose to ride the noise he heard into failure of the engine and jet pump (per his notes). He then proceeded to blast the company on the web, continually calling SBT, transferring from one person to the next try to get a different answer.
    • We need to address all of our customers, esp this time of year as we get a high volume of calls. Any curtness that Joey may have encountered I apologize for, but is also somewhat understandable under the circumstance. People are holding on our lines while someone repeatedly calls asking the same questions because he is not getting answers he likes. Our staff is human as well and tries their best to be curteous to our customers, even under duress
    • Our engine warranty is CLEARLY written and states that you must return the core before we send out the warranty to guarantee the return of the core. A quicker option is to purchase a second engine, which we refund upon the receipt of the core. Joey was not happy with this - that is unfortunate but this has always been our policy. We are still waiting to receive the core. We WILL honor our Engine No Fault warranty, as we do for all our qualified sales.
    • We try to do our best to come to the best solution possible with our customers. But we will not be held hostage with threats of spamming and bad press. We have allowed this thread to continue in an attempt to allow people to speak to their experience, both good and bad. It is unfortunate that this has degraded into labeling and specific attacks on individuals. When it reaches that depth, we will lock out users.
    • We did receive the motor and it had been overheated with a resulting light seizure (likely caused by the cavitation in the jet pump). The warranty motor was sent out as our no-fault policy states
    SBT Management

    "TO sbt I am sorry again to have blamed the engine but again your customer service is the pitts................................
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