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    Jun 2007
    north carolina

    Default Testing a stator

    I have a 1991 GT, with a yellow 580 Rotax engine. I rebuilt the carbs, installed new spark plug wires/boots. I am having trouble with it not firing on the back cylinder all the time. I know that it has good fuel going to it. Both ignition wires come from the same coil, so I don't think that to be the problem. Is there any way to test the stator, and the coil for that matter. Any help would be appreciated. I do have a high quality multimeter, just not sure what to be checking for. Thanks.

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    Jun 2007
    kennewick wa

    Default Re: Testing a stator

    well for one the stator is what charges your battery so that not it if your battery stays charged when you ride it!!, as for the coil they have a cheap coil tester at harbour freight try that or look for one at a auto parts house , but the only other way is to check continunity with a ohem tester ,but that still does mean it good , what i think is bad ground most likely or bad plug??? or bad wire ,just cut 1/2 " off and re plug them back in on both ends,check grounds, and if your getting compression and that good and you have spark it could be a rotary valve , and belive me i am and expert on them replacing one now , or at least the gear and that could be it as it will only fire on one of them if the rotary valve does open at the right time it just lets the gas run out the bottom, but check all the easy things first, pull plugs re gap them get plyers with rubber handles and hole the to and engine bolt and see it you have spark do both cyl , good luck

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