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    Jul 2007
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    Default 92 Sea Doo XP engin Quits

    THis is my first post ...great site!

    Last week I purchased Two Sea Doo's for an extraordinary price....(Superb Compression is both).....

    The Problem; the 1992 Sea DOO xp

    Problem/Questions.....The engine simply quits and then will not kick over for several's hit and miss......It will fly across the lake and then simply die. Will not even turn over for several moments and then starts right up.

    The oil is pre mix but the oil resevoir and lines are still attached to the SEA DOO xp.

    Question 1: does the xp have an automatic "Low Oil" Shut off? as there is barely any oil in the tank....1/4 inch from the bottom and I am thinking maybe I should soak the sensor (if there is one)......Only problem is the oil tank has a leak (which I knew)

    Question 2: If it does not have a low oil Shut Off, do you think it is a dirty carb problem (floater?) or electrical?

    I am sure they were sitting for a while.

    Anyway thanks for any advice .....Bernie
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