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    Jul 2007

    Question 95 Seadoo gts starts wont run help?

    I am new to the Seadoo world. Just bought 2 and sunk 1. I drained water and followed instruction. It ran 30 min fine and just stoped. After going thru all the drying, ckecking fuel and so on I changed electrical boxes with 2nd Seadoo 2nd now runs fine next I changed carbs with 2nd Seadoo and same thing. It will idle but when I try to give it gas it quits. It has good spark, good fuel, and compression but acts like it is out of time. I have ordered a repair book and it is on the way I hope, but in the mean time do you have anything I can check. Thanks in advance

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    Jun 2007
    kennewick wa

    Default Re: 95 Seadoo gts starts wont run help?

    it is very unlikely it is out of time as it is tiomed by the stator and it is locked with a woodruff key it would have to shear off to change it also it timed by thr rotary valve and if it was bad it would run at all sounds like you have a grounding issue, or you need to re-build your carbs clean all the grounds and then go from there

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