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    Jul 2007
    Woodlesford England UK

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    Question for Bill, from pugpug, had my '99 sea doo engine re-built, new crank seals pistons etc, sarted engine up first time, lots white smoke from jet ski, after examining engine I found out pistons in the wrong way round,what I mean by this is that the little hole in the side of the piston was facing the exhaust and the other side was facing the inlet, what damage would this cause to the engine? as the engine was running for 5 minutes.
    Took the pistons out and put them in the proper way round, but because the engine has been rebuilt it has had to be run in, the mechanic told me to put 1.5 litres of synthetic oil into the petrol tank. Took the ski to the lake and it is burning oil which I expected but it will not tick over in the water, I have had to start the ski on the trailor prior to puting in the water which it is proving hard to start and running rough, any helpyou can give would be most appreciated:emoticonr

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    Jan 2002
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    the only problem i would see is your rings, just make sure the arrows on the top of the pistons point to the exhaust port
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    Jul 2007
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    thanks will be ok thats good.i have got 2 hours left then engine will be run in.may be when i stop the mixingwith oil and petrol it will not bog down and cut out.what do you think.nick.:emoticons

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