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    Jul 2007

    Default Jet Pump Servicing

    Is there any servicing that needs to be done to a Polaris jet pump? Grease? Oil?etc. Do I just lube the points on the drive shaft? Do I need to do more?

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    Oct 2004

    Default Re: Jet Pump Servicing

    If the pump hasn't been pulled in awhile,I'd do it. Probably water and corrosion. At the same time I'd re-seal the shaft mid-bearing. You can get a pump re-build kit and new midbearing housing at Or get all seals at, look for year "00 ",for part numbers for the mid bearing.Post questions at for more help.

    Don't forget the rubber bumpers in the ends of the shaft.

    A Clymer manual will help allot.

    See the following :

    í95 SL 750, How to Do, a Jet Pump Bearing/Seal Replacement

    Replacing the bearings and seals is pretty straightforward job if you have the proper tools.

    After removing the pump assy from the ski, disassemble far enough to get the rear cone off. Put it in a vise, and using the special tool (about $10.00) remove the impeller, (cc/w).

    You can now punch out the bearings and seals by using about a 6-8 inch long punch (using a good size hammer). There is ample room to move the spacer around, it seems easier to go through the middle of it vs. the side of it to drive them out.

    Next de-grease and clean up the housing.

    Put it in an oven for about 45 minutes set at 212 degrees F.

    While this is heating, put the bearings in a freezer for about the same length of time.

    Now it is ready to assemble. The bearings will almost slide in with hand pressure; you might have to nudge with a hammer/socket (pushing on the outer race). Donít forget to install the spacer.

    When both bearings are in let it cool for a while. Insert the first forward seal (socket/hammer on out side edges of seal) pack marine grease in the cavity (between the seals) and install the next seal.

    Installing the impeller requires the special tool and a torque wrench that go to 100 foot-pounds.

    Assemble the rest with all new seals.

    Total cost for this project was around $100.00(using all Polaris seals/bearings)

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