I had an earlier water injection leak (warm water) and it flooded my hull on saturday after 30 minutes of riding. My dilemma after reading the forums is the risk of seizing the motor due to water damage. I tried to flush the motor but it fills up with water in the hull partially. I was worried if this was the same situation as flooding an engine and hence freezing the engine. Should I take any additional steps?

Here are the steps that I took:
1) I pulled it out of the water and drained it and started it up for 2 minutes and it ran fine.
2) Went home and hooked up the flush kit to tap water and ran it for about 8 minutes, sprayed wd 40 in the intake (didn't have fogging oil at the time).
3) Hull filled up with water slightly and not as bad as when i was riding it earlier.

I am worried that the motor will seize. Since I can't run it in the water for 1 hour due to the leak, is running the motor for 5 minutes and then stopping ok to prevent overheating? Or is it ok to flush the motor like i did and drain? What else can I do to prevent the motor from seizing and getting water out of the motor? Sorry so many questions for a newbie.