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    Aug 2007

    Default 97 xp seems to load up after idling?

    If you idle a while, like 2 minutes, in a no wake zone then drop the hammer it stumbles a bit. If it didn't quit because the idle is too low. I think the idle mixture screw is set too rich? Although to get it started again you have to prime it again. It does not matter if it's hot or cold. I can keep it running and it don't bother me but anybody else can't do it and i'd like to not worry when someone does. You also have to feather the throttle just a hair to get it to start? She's fine running balls out, half throttle,idle to full,half whatever but if you let it idle like 10 seconds you gotta watch it. Runs kinda like a big 2 stroke dirt bike that's been sooped up and you gotta give it a little throttle often if you want it to keep idling. Where is the idle mixture, idle speed screw? I can't find a good pic of one. Should i turn it in a bit or out. I don't want to run to lean. The plugs look perfect but i run hard non stop unless there's the dreaded no wake zone.

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    May 2007
    Hendersonville, TN.

    Default Re: 97 xp seems to load up after idling?

    Your problem is most likely carb related. Sounds like you have a case of the "carb dribbles". This occurs when the needle and seat assemblies do not shut the fuel off completely. Sometimes it is a worn needle/seat assembly or improper pop-off pressures. When your ski is idling with this problem, fuel is "dribbled" into the venturi and not sprayed as normal. This causes the engine to load up with fuel. You will probably find if you adjust your idle screw in or hold the throttle slightly cracked, it will idle fine and take throttle better. You should remove your carbs and install the rebuild kits and new needle/seats. Make sure to check for proper pop-off pressure when assembling. You can get the stock carb settings and the "how-to" on setting pop-off's here on the SBT Forums.

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