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    Sep 2007

    Default help! got rope caught around shaft


    it a 95 seadoo spx
    i got the tow rope caught up in the intake area rapped around the shaft
    my questoin is i can pull hard on the rope amnd it has starting to come out but it also turning the shaft....IT IS ok if the shaft goes in oppesite direction?
    i can turn the pto and pull rope to get it undone.....just want to make sure it ok on the motor

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    Aug 2004
    Olympia, WA

    Default Re: help! got rope caught around shaft

    Totally fine. Remove the spark plugs to make the resistance on the shaft and motor even less. Your lucky, most people have to cut the rope out in many 3" segments...
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    Sep 2007

    Default Re: help! got rope caught around shaft

    hey thanks dude......

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    Oct 2007

    Default Re: help! got rope caught around shaft

    hey ive done the same thing a couple of times its a real pain especially if you cant get under the sea doo. I was wondering what is it that you tow with your xps is it possible to tow a skier

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