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    Oct 2007
    Valrico, FL

    Red face Purchase of used 951 engine

    SeaDoo Lovers,

    Is it a good idea to purchase a used engine that has been out of the PWC for about a year? If it is a logical purchase, what should I look for and how much should I pay?

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    Sep 2007

    Default Re: Purchase of used 951 engine

    yes, how ever, the 951 case is very hard to find for rebuild and if you do find one in good condition, case only $500-$1000 bucks.

    look for cracks, holes in the case if found they are repairable at $150-$250 at
    a reputable pwc service provider. NOW 1ST most imporant, if the damaged (i.e.Cracks,holes,e.c.t.)goes through any of the case joining surfaces (the flats where they seal) thats considered non repairable so to buy it if its non repairable will cost you an addional $500-$1000 bucks to return the non rebuildible core, so add that to your short block price! draw an line stright down
    from the spark plugs (in your head vertical that is ) to the lower case thats where the rod and crank shaft rotate together, thats where you will start to inspect for damage. hope this helps:beer so no damage, complete, with out
    compression check, short block $600 long block$1000
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    Default Re: Purchase of used 951 engine

    A used 951 motor in good condition will fetch between 1400-2000 in todays market.
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