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    Aug 2007
    laughlin nv

    Default yamaha service dept ripping you off for an oil change?

    ok im still confuse about changing the oil on a vx 110 4 stroke ive read theads on here saying its only possible to get out about 2 1/2 quarts when changeing the oil wich is true when i changed mine i only sucked out little over 2 quarts. however the previouse owner i bought it from he took his the the dealer for an oil change he gave me all the service invoices when i bought it., on the service reciept it shows and carged him for 4 quarts of oil a filter and some mysteriouse gasket hmmmm how did the fit the 4 quarts in there heheheh :emoticons all for a wopping $98.00

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: yamaha service dept ripping you off for an oil change?

    Not sure how he got all the oil out, Even when we dyno motors here and we remove the oil tank after running it, we still have to tip the motor up on end to drain out the other two quarts.
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