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    Apr 2008

    Default Tampa yamaha 1998 xl760

    I brought my 1998 yamaha to a mechanice who proceded to tell me my motor was shot and he would look around for a replacement motor.....1 day later I noticed he had an ad on craigslist selling a 760 motor and when confronted had no good explaination..... At this point I have no idea if he took my motor out and put a different one in and so does anyone know a place I can take my motor to have the sbt replacement motor put wits end and no idea who trust anymore...some reason people think if you are a female its ok to take advantage :(


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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: Tampa yamaha 1998 xl760

    Many locals use a place called JETTRENDS located in New Port Richey and seem happy with them. Might want to call them.
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