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    Jun 2007
    So Cal

    Question Can I use a carb cleaner (like seafoam)?

    Sorry if this sounds stupid, I just dont wont to kill my engines.
    Can I use a carb cleaner like Seafoam on my Yamaha 2000 GP1200R?
    If I can is there something better? The engine still runs pretty strong.
    Also, I have a very hard time starting it after a few months of non-use.
    What is the best way of getting it started again (I am currently using starter fluid sprayed into the spark plug holes).
    Thank you

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: Can I use a carb cleaner (like seafoam)?

    Starter fluid WILL DESTROY a two stroke, It has no lubricating ability, sounds like you could have a fuel line sucking air or its time to rebuild your carbs. But stop using Starter fluid. WD 40 will work as starter fluid and has lubricating abilities. Tom SBT tech.
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