I have a 94 polaris slt that I have ordered a new Mikuni Fuel Pump 5 Sided Dual High VolumePart#: 14-2230. What is the best/easiest way to hook up the fuel lines?

I have seen where people put t's between 1&2, 2&3 carbs and then cap the original input line. Or could I use the original fuel rail system and run the two fuel pump outlets to a T and then run this to the original input fuel line going to the rails?

also this Ski is hard starting when cold. If I shoot gas into the intake the ski fires right up. Could I put a primer bulb in the fuel line somewhere, would it put a little fuel into the carbs. so that I would not have to take the air cleaner off every time I start it for the day? Or maybe I need to take the carbs off and test the pop off?

I would really appreciate any help on these matters. thanks