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    Sep 2007
    New York

    Question 1996 TigerShark HELP!!!!

    Newbie here that needs HELP!! I have a 1996 TigerShark. It was running great last season. Started it up this seaon and it ran good in water during test run for the new season. Took it out of the water and now it won't run. It seams that it isn't getting any gas to the carb. When we put either in carb., it starts and stays started until the either is spent. Can this be a fuel pump problem? Where is the fuel pump in the TigerShark? I can't find it. HELP!!!!!!

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    Jul 2008

    Default Re: 1996 TigerShark HELP!!!!

    I had the same problem with my 95 Daytona. The problem was that the carb needed to be cleaned also the bolts were very loose. Try cleaning it out and make sure everything is tight.

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