i am new here and am looking forward to getting more into jet skiing. i recently bought a competely stock 1986 kawasaki js 550 to see if i enjoyed it enough to spend some hard earned money on nice one. well long story short i have been working on the thing so much i wouldnt have time to ride a running one if i had it. The thing will run great in the bed of my truck but when you put it in the water and give it some gas it will bog out and die. i have done a compression test and both are at 110-115 psi. i took the carb apart and put a rebuild kit in it and it still does it. can some one give me carb adjustment specs? i found someone posted several adjustments but mine is a single carb with 4 adjustments. if someone could give me specs from seated on al adjustments i would really appreciate it. i am about to give up on this sport. i am an auto mechanic and an avid snowmobiler but this is discouraging. any help would be greatly appreciated. i want to get on this thing.