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    Aug 2008
    JacksonVille, FL

    Default Honda R-12X Power Loss

    Bought 05 R-12X 2-seater turbo and 06 F-12 3-seater non-turbo new in June 08. Overstocks that had never seen the water. Both skis have ran great until I took them into the dealer for the 10 hour service. After service F-12 continues to run excellent....takes off like a rocket and tops out around 56mph. The R-12X had a noticable power loss after service. It will hesitate with full throttle starts......the F-12 easily beats it off the line. After a few seconds it will slowly catch up to the F-12 and slowly overtake it. Speed gage says about 65mph at top speed, but it will not go past 6100 rpm. The F-12 will reach about 7500rpm. It seems to have lost some giddy-up after it was serviced. I called the service man at the dealer, he said "to clean the spark plugs". The owners manual says not to clean irridium plugs, just replace. I pulled all 4 plugs from both skis and they looked to be in the same condition. I carefully cleaned the 4 plugs out of the turbo with an old tooth brush. The cleaning did not result in any improvement. I replaced all four with new Honda plugs.....did not have any improvement. I also checked hose and wiring connections, all seem to be good. Now what?

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    Oct 2007
    Key West

    Default Re: Honda R-12X Power Loss

    You say it happened after the service, dealer says they did nothing to it.

    Nobody knows who did what, terrible situation.

    Anyway start with a compression test and run your diagnostics.

    You might want to get the OEM shop manual which explains you how to run the self diagnostics.

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    Aug 2008
    JacksonVille, FL

    Default Re: Honda R-12X Power Loss

    When I dropped them off for the 10 hr service I asked what they do. They told me one of the things they check is the compression. When I picked them up they told me everything checked out of course.

    After the first ride after the service is when I called, the same day I picked them up actually. I asked if they made any adjustments and the tech told me no.

    I have read about the diagnostics and plan on getting a manual shortly. How do I go about checking the compression?

    Also I have seen other posts about the waste gate getting stuck open. Is there a way I can check for that?

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