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Thread: Oil change

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    Sep 2008
    Washington State

    Default Oil change

    I want to change oil and gas on a recently purchased '03 GFI LE RFI. On my '97 GSX this was no problem - siphon tube in, pumped out. On this GFI I'm running into obstruction, my siphon tube won't pass. The diagram in the service manual doesn't show anything that might stop the tube from passing. For this simple chore I didn't want to start disconnecting outflow tubes if I don't need to. Any hints?

    Reasons for changing
    1) gas is of unknown age/condition
    2) oil is also of unknown origin/quality, I will run XP-S

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    Aug 2004
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    Default Re: Oil change

    It's sometimes easier to remove the fuel filler at the tank itself (NOT the sending unit), but the filler.

    Some of the SD models have a pretty radical bend to them, making it darn near impossible to pass a siphon tube past.
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    While doing all of this, replace your oilfilter, I have seen them glogged and blow RFI's.

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