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    Post Choking Engine? Primer Kit!

    SBT Tech Tip: If your water craft is one of those machines that require a lot of choking when the engine is cold to get it started, we would recommend installing a primer kit to your carburetors. Primer systems work well because they draw fuel directly to the carburetors with out turning the engine over. Using a primer to prime your engine will prevent flooding the engine and save on extended cranking time to get the engine to fire. Primer kits are available for all types of carbs and simple to install, they are a great investment and make starting a 2-stroke ski much easier.
    Ericka Buczkowski

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    Mar 2002

    Default Re: Choking Engine? Primer Kit!

    A Primer Kit will also allow those with complaints of Bog during acceleration to "Test"
    by giving a little shot of fuel.

    This requires coordination as one hand on the bars may cause loss of control.
    Do tests like this AWAY from Any other objects, especially boaters/people etc.

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