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    Default Sea-Doo 4 Stroke Engines Losing Engine Coolant

    In the past, a few customers have contacted us because their 4-Stroke Sea-Doo is mysteriously consuming engine coolant. We have found that the two hoses inside the hull that are connected to the ride plate/heat exchanger are the hoses that are leaking. The hose clamps that are used will rust and break and when pressure is built up from the cooling system. The antifreeze will then push past the ride plate nipples and hoses. No evidence of coolant can be found in the hull because it is bilged out by the self-bailing system in the ski. Attached are a few pictures of a failing clamps and its location. Replace the clamps with a good marine grade full stainless steel clamp. This should help prevent "mysterious" coolant loss.
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    Default Re: Sea-Doo 4 Stroke Engines Losing Engine Coolant

    Another one is the ride plate leaking, around the screws which hold the cover plate on the ride plate, you will never find coolant in the unit, make always sure that the sink is still on the plate, this is a common problem if the ski is used in salt water.

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    Default Re: Sea-Doo 4 Stroke Engines Losing Engine Coolant

    Yes I have seen antifreeze leak around the Zinc mounted to the ride plate, thats easy to spot, Green fluid on the ground under the ski or on the ride plate. It is hard to spot the leak in side the hull with all of the items covering the hose clamps.
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    Default Re: Sea-Doo 4 Stroke Engines Losing Engine Coolant

    Question, I have two SD 2007 RXT's, is there a specific BRP coolant I must use or can I just use a generic automotive type. Thanx for the input.


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    Default Re: Sea-Doo 4 Stroke Engines Losing Engine Coolant

    Auto is fine.. I use 50/50 mix
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