Tech Tip

How to keep your engine compartment looking like new:

Your SBT Tech Guys recommend keeping your engine compartment clean and dry at all times. Any water that remains in the hull after riding can cause condensation, causing damage to paint finishes and rusting electrical components. Water sitting in the hull can also evaporate and enter into the engine, causing internal rusting and severe engine damage. We recommend using a small amount of laundry detergent and 2 gallons of warm water to slosh around in the hull to release any oil and scum residue then rinse out with fresh water and let the engine compartment drain. We also recommend using a wet and dry shop vacuum to remove any water left in the hull, when done leave the seat cracked open a bit to allow any moisture to evaporate. Spraying pure silicone spray on the engine and electrical components will help protect the finish and add to waterproofing electrical parts.