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    Default (2004) 4-stroke engine question:

    I think one of the lifters is losing it's prime. Happens in mid range speeds 15-25 mph. Starts with a deep growling noise that sounds like it's coming from the breather box, then gradually lose power as noise gets louder, when idling there's a knocking noise coming from where the lifters are located and it seems to be running on 1 cylinder. Turn engine off for 10 seconds, restarts right up, idles great, take's off like nothing happened, I mean I've jumped on it from a dead stop and it stands up and goes, I've also started slow from a dead stop and it works fine till the next time, sometimes it acts up just down the trail then other times not for miles. I have an idea and just want to kick it around before breaking the engine down. My thinking is a lifter is losing it's prime and not working (knocking noise), I think it's an exhaust valve, the noise I'm hearing is coming from the pressure that's built up in the cylinder from the power stroke that's exhausting through the intake valve when it opens (growling noise). I've changed plugs, the old ones look great, checked oil level and oil light never goes on. I figured when I check the codes from the computer I should have multiple faults in the ECU but when checked MIL had none, thought there would be multiple fault codes as I feel it would screw with the EFI system.

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    Default Re: (2004) 4-stroke engine question:

    The forum you have posted on is watercraft only; Search for info on the ATV forums such as
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