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    Default Using the Correct Starting Fluid in a Two Stroke.

    Using starter fluids such as ether based or any starter fluid made for starting 4 stroke engines will cause severe damage to a two stroke motor. Normal engine starter fluid should not be used in a two stroke is because it does not contain enough lubricating properties to protect the piston and cylinder walls. A 4-stroke engine gets oil from the crank case and it is moved up and down on the cylinder walls to keep it lubricated. Every upward motion a piston makes in a 4-stroke engine carries oil to the cylinder walls to lube the piston and cylinder; this means the engine is automatically lubricated so when you spray starter fluid in to start the motor the cylinder walls have oil on them. Two strokes are lubed by a gas and oil mixture, they do not have oil in their crank case so if you donít have gas and oil mixed to start the engine you will not have lubrication between the piston and cylinder walls, this will cause major scoring on the pistons and the cylinders. In conclusion, use only WD40 as a starter fluid for your two stroke engines. It contains enough petroleum in its formula to protect your engine on start up.
    Ericka Buczkowski

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    Aug 2009

    Default Re: Using the Correct Starting Fluid in a Two Stroke.

    what about starting fluid with cylinder lubricant built in.I know it not good but if you have too?

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: Using the Correct Starting Fluid in a Two Stroke.

    What starter fluid are you speaking of?
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    Default Re: Using the Correct Starting Fluid in a Two Stroke.

    I used pre mix gas, on Yamahas on the top of the air box they have access ports or do the old remove spark plug poor a little of pre mix into cylinder. Once you run it for a little bit the carbs should pick up as they get prime with fuel.
    This is also a good tip when running a new assemble engine, but add the extra note to have fuel can with premix and run ski from this. Keep air box open and you will see that oil pump is working etc before you hook up the tank, my two cents.

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    May 2018

    Default Re: Using the Correct Starting Fluid in a Two Stroke.

    Thanks I never thought about that but at the same time I tend to just use mix gas down the carb method

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