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    Default Re-using Gaskets on a Motor

    In the past there has been a debate on whether or not you could re-use some of your old gaskets when working on your motor. The overall correct answer is No, but yes, you could get away with certain ones. O-ring seals that are in good condition and have been inspected, such as magneto cover o-rings, water cooling system o-rings and head o-rings could be re-used. Gaskets that should never be re-used include exhaust system gaskets, reed valve gaskets and carburetor gaskets. Using old gaskets on you intake system can result in an air leak causing a lean condition and damage your engine. Using old gaskets on your exhaust system can result in water leaking into your cylinders, causing hydro locking and other water damage.

    Always think of the consequences you may face by re-using gaskets vs. their relatively low cost!
    Ericka Buczkowski

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    Apr 2010
    South Ga

    Default Re: Re-using Gaskets on a Motor

    Relativley low cost????????? I bought 2 Carb base plate and a exaust pipe gasket for a 00 XL800 from a Yamaha dealer in South Ga and they were 75.00 !!!!!!! Called another dealer and he wanted more.:( But, Yes, I agree, Dont skimp on the fuel delivery or exaust...

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    Default Re: Re-using Gaskets on a Motor

    $75 vs $1200 for 800 rebuild engine not to include labor WAIT let me guess!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Apr 2010
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    Default Re: Re-using Gaskets on a Motor

    LOL!!!! Yep.

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