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Thread: 96 XP Starting

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    Aug 2006
    Melbourne Australia

    Default 96 XP Starting

    Alright done a search before posting this found alot of people with similar issues but not like this one. Friends Ski got rebuilt 2weeks ago taken it out once and noticed it had a problem starting when in the water, put on the trailer and its fine so back in the water and hold the back of the ski out like we were racing this thing and starts fine and goes fine, but cant work it out, call up the guy who done the rebuild and he tries telling my mate thats the way these skis are, my mate says but if i were to go on my own its impossible to ride, and most of all it definetly wasnt like that beforem, please some steer me in the right direction because here in Aus im doing circles.

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    Mar 2003

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    Sounds like the rotary valve has too much clearance, you might have to replace the rotary cover and if the plate is worn then replace that too.
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    Oct 2007
    Key West

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    If you got it started and than put it in the water, how is idle?

    If that is all good, make sure that the battery,cables and starter are perfect, there is a critical point between cranking RPM's around 300 where you get or don't get spark, that is where the difference can be between ski in or out of the water.
    You can test for spark while cranking in the water to see if this is your problem.

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    Aug 2004
    Olympia, WA

    Default Re: 96 XP Starting

    Pop off too high or low can cause that as well...
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    Nov 2003
    Glendora, CA

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    When the hull is in the water it blocks the free flow of the exhaust outlet. If the motor for whatever reason is getting too much fuel past the carbureators, it will be very difficult to start. By lifting the hull, you exposed the exhaust outlet and it starts.
    When there is added backpressures in the exhaust, and it is also a bit too rich at the same time, it will cause this problem.
    My first guess would be leaking needle valves inside the carbureators if the carb setting were correctly set to oem specs.
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    Aug 2006
    Melbourne Australia

    Default Re: 96 XP Starting

    Cheers il pass it on and let you know how i go, Cant believe the guy reckons thats normal. Bloody Aussies

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