Tech Tip of the Week

Sea-Doo 2 stroke jet pump service

All of the Sea-Doo jet pumps (except for the 4 stoke models) use gear oil in the jet pump housing to lubricate the bearings that the impeller shaft rides on. The oil in this housing should be changed every season to prevent bearing failure that can cause major damage to the impeller, wear ring and other components. The nose cone of the pump housing can be removed so oil can drain and be inspected for metal shavings and contamination from water. If water is present then the pump needs to be re-built . Water contamination will make the oil look very milky and sludgy. Seals do fail after time and their replacement is considered part of maintenance. Don’t take short cuts on pump servicing - take your time and replace what ever may be in question. Use Sea-Doo approved jet pump oil and re-fill the housing through the Allen screw in the nose cone. Pour slowly so you fill the entire housing. If you have any additional questions on servicing your jet pump, please fell free to contact the SBT tech support.