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Thread: f1 error codes

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    Mar 2009
    hollywood fl

    Default f1 error codes

    AAARRRGGG i have a 2003 three seat turbo that runs fine until it hits 6000 rpm and then clicks into limp mode with F1 blinking, and warning llight blinking.. I can shut it off and restart immediatley and she will run awesome until i hit 6000 rpm. I figured out how to pull error codes and it was 1 and 11. 1 is a map sensor which we ohmed out and tested to ground. IT WAS BAD. Replaced it and cleared codes( disconnect battery terminals and short accross to kill capicitor) reran and the exact same symptom but with 8 blinks which is Iat sensor. every time I fix "the error" a new one crops up and we all know what the dealers are worth PFGGGGGHHH.
    I am looking to change out the ecm to see if that is the culprit since following these forums seem to lead to that conclusion BUT I need wisdom and guidence from those wiser than I, I < a lowly being, beg the wisdom of this website.
    thanks keith

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    Nov 2009

    Default Re: f1 error codes

    0I have a Honda aquatrax 2003 , and show me f1 warning code 25 what code it's that. tanks!

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