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    Jun 2009
    Cary, NC

    Default Remanufactured Jet pump/impeller - FAILURE

    I just purchased a remanufactured jet pump housing and impeller from SBT. I installed it and torqued everything per the shop manual (2001 Kawasaki 900 STS). Dropped it in the water and it ran great, I was pretty darn happy for about 2 1/2 hrs. I noticed a vibration at anything above 5k RPMs, unfortunately I was pretty far out on the lake and nobody else was around. I nursed it back as best I could, took it out and pulled it apart. The impeller was loose and dug into the sides of the housing. I just don't understand how or why. I notice that the threads on the pump shaft that screws into the impeller look sheared. I have attached pictures. I will call SBT tomorrow, I am just curious if anyone out there has a clue as to why this happened.
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    Jun 2009
    Cary, NC

    Default Re: Remanufactured Jet pump/impeller - FAILURE

    just a quick note to the tech guys at SBT. Everything was "new" or "remanufactured" to include the pump shaft when I installed them. Everything looks the way it does now after only 2 1/2 hours in the water. I don't think I sucked anything up since the vanes don't have a scratch on them. Everything points to the impeller coming loose even after torquing it on to 72 ft-lbs per the shop manual. Thanks!

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    Jun 2009
    Cary, NC

    Default Re: Remanufactured Jet pump/impeller - FAILURE

    Just FYI. I spoke to Tom at SBT's tech department and they have not had a problem like this with any of these products so far. I can only surmise that my torque wrench is faulty. I believe I can salvage the housing and impeller with some slight grinding/buffing. I may lose some performance but I think it will be ok. I will be adding some thread lock this time. I asked SBT if they would replace the impeller shaft at the cost of shipping and they agreed. I have to say that this is a fair deal and I am still a big fan of SBT. Everyone I spoke to at SBT was very polite and courteous.

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