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    Sep 2005
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    Default 2001 Yamaha XL800 Spark plug wire burnback

    I believe I was given bad advise from a PWC repair facility. I was told as part of my routine maintainance I should remove the spark plug wire and the rubber caps that fit snuggly over the spark plug. remove the metal insert and snip back the wires until I can see fresh spark plug wire. I snipped back the wire until I came upon fresh wire but I found it very difficult to resecure the wire clip that attaches to the spark plug. In addition I ripped one of the rubber boots that covers the medal clip that attaches to the spark plug. Can anyone guide me to a thread that shows step by step how to do this correctly? Also. I know I can buy a new rubber boot but can I repurchase the metal spark plug clip and if so where? I have several inches of spark plug wire to spare and hate to have to repurchase a new coil if I dont have too!!!

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    May 2009
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    Talking Re: 2001 Yamaha XL800 Spark plug wire burnback

    Glenn, I don't know of any reason to cut the wires back unless they were damaged, but it's done. Now, most parts houses, and hot rod shops have a good selection of wire ends and maybe boots, covering the whole spark plug is not that important, NAPA auto will have a catalog that they can get most ends overnight if they don't have them on the shelf. The also make a crimper that puts the end end on like the factory, some shop in your area should have one you could use. Take the coil with you, they can install the ends for you,,,tg :)

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