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    Sep 2009
    Memphis, TN

    Default 2001 GP800R Water in motor

    I had my cyclinders resleaved andafter installing the ski ran fine out of the water but when we put it in the water the motor is getting water in it. The pressure built up to point that it messed the starter up and spun the gears off the bendix. Everthing is torqued to specs. What might it be and is ther a way to drain case without removing motor.

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: 2001 GP800R Water in motor

    Remove the spark plugs and tip the ski on its side, exhaust pointing down, crank over the engine to pump out the water. Try to get it started after all the water is out of the engine. Pull the heads off and see if the sleeves dropped, this could be how water is getting into the engine.
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